May is Mental Health Month!

May is National Mental Health Month. So let's all do our part in spreading awareness and fighting ignorance and stigmas. You probably know way more people than you think who suffer from a mental illness. It could be depression, generalized anxiety disorder, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, or maybe borderline personality disorder. These things are very common.… Continue reading May is Mental Health Month!

How to Balance School Work and Fun While on Vacation

It's the middle of winter and many people are taking vacations to escape the bitter cold. But going on vacation doesn't necessarily mean a vacation from school. You may be going away, but the assignments are not. Sometimes you have to bring your school materials on vacation with you, which can really put a damper… Continue reading How to Balance School Work and Fun While on Vacation

Grenada’s Independence Day And My First Cake Here

Today Grenada is celebrating it's 45th Independence Day! All around you'll find celebration, parades, festivals, and beach parties. I awoke to loud, exuberant sounding music coming from across the street. The buildings are decorated with little green, red, and yellow banners, and the flag for Grenada is up high, loud and proud, swaying in the… Continue reading Grenada’s Independence Day And My First Cake Here

Growing in Unlikely Places

Sometimes to pass time I just wander around a popular area, taking in the scenery. One particular day I was on my way to return to a spot I've become quite fond of. I passed by this tree, and it brought some thoughts to my mind. It didn't look like it belonged there, sandwiched between… Continue reading Growing in Unlikely Places

Starting From Scratch

The best, tastiest cakes, in my humble opinion, are the ones made from scratch. No boxed mixes! That's how I like to make them. That's how I made them when I was running my small business, Liv With Cake. But my business has lain dormant for some time. As I made preparations for my move,… Continue reading Starting From Scratch