I thought the love of my life deserved his own post. I just love to brag about how cute and perfect he is. No, not a man! Gizmo is my bunny. Here’s the story of how I came to have him.

It starts off sad. I was in mourning of my previous rabbit Patches, who had died of old age. I was just severely depressed over it. I wasn’t planning on getting a new one.  Patches was too important to replace. I didn’t have to replace him though.

Gizmo came to me as a gift by my boyfriend at the time, who couldn’t stand to see me so sad constantly. It was the sweetest thing ever. Diamonds are a girls best friend? I don’t think so. I don’t want flowers, chocolates, or jewelry. Forget that, just get me a bunny if you want me to love you. That’s a joke, I don’t want another bunny because then I’d have to divide my love between them.

Gizmo was going to be a surprise, but he told me earlier than he had planned. Suddenly there was light in my life again! I cried tears of joy. On a nice day we took a truck drive to the city to pick up my new bunny. I loved him immediately.  I named him Gizmo.

As much as I loved Patches, I found that Gizmo did cute things that Patches never did. They were both unique and had their own personalities. Gizmo sometimes acts like a cat, playing with strings I dangle above him. He loves to run around my room, and he jumps up in the air and kicks his feet (this is called a binky). He jumps on my bed and says hello to me. Unfortunately he pees on it sometimes, but I forgive him because he’s otherwise a good boy.

Here’s the good boy:

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