The Story of Liv With Cake

Baking was one of my many interests growing up. In middle school, after making cookies in a home economics class, I began making them everyday, and would bring them to school with me. I almost always had a little brown baggy of cookies. Some people were only my friend because of this…

That was sort of a phase, but I never stopped enjoying baking. In fact, a friend of mine wanted to start a cake business with called Sassy Cakes. It was in the works, but then she decided to join the navy.

This same friend knew I was good at baking. When she got engaged to a man she met in the navy she asked me to make the cake. I had never made a wedding cake before, but I gladly accepted. It seemed like a fun challenge.

She told me she wanted a naked cake, which I’d never heard of before. I must have made about ten practice cakes. I would bring them into work, which my coworkers absolutely loved. They would tell me to keep practicing. 20170525_133055

The day of the wedding was stressful for me and the bride. She was having wedding anxiety and I was just stressed because I had to assemble the cake with limited time. I had twelve layers of cake to stack and then lightly frost (since it was a naked cake) and cover with berries and flowers. Oh, and I forgot to mention I was also the maid of honor. So I had some other duties as well.

I didn’t finish the cake until about half an hour until the ceremony was to start. I ran upstairs to change and have my makeup applied. The wedding went beautifully, and the cake was a hit!


The day came and went, and the following one was sad for me, because it was all over. I’d spent months learning how to make a wedding cake, and once it ended I didn’t know what to do with myself anymore.

Life went back to normal. I went to school, and worked as usual. One day at work my old supervisor came to visit us. She was engaged, so we talked about the wedding.  I mentioned I’d made my friends wedding cake, so if she didn’t have anyone yet, I’d be happy to do it. Turned out, she had no cake maker yet, and was going to attempt to do it herself. She was overjoyed that I could do it for a fraction of the price of a professional. I was overjoyed that I would get to make another giant fancy cake, and get paid this time!

She urged me to make up business cards to place next to the cake at the wedding. I didn’t have any plans at the time to start a business, but it seemed like a good idea. I would just have to think of a clever name first.  It took some thinking, but finally one day the perfect name came to me: Liv With Cake. I do love puns, after all.

I made my practice cakes, and got my business cards, as pretty much everyone suggested. The day of the wedding was an adventure, as I had to deliver the cake about 45 minutes away. I was also a guest at the wedding. On the way to the wedding I got lost, and arrived just as the ceremony was to begin. It was a rush just like the last wedding. Another beautiful wedding, and another cake that was a success! I thought I was getting pretty good at the whole cake thing. caake

Everyone at work, having tasted all the practice cakes, was telling me to start a business, or open a bakery. I brought in my business cards and distributed them. That day, my boss informed me that they were going to buy a cake from me every month to celebrate employee birthdays. It was exhilarating to know I already had a steady cake gig.

From there I made many beautiful cakes, and had requests from others, mainly friends and coworkers. Still, it was a start. Right now it’s commission work, but I am considering going to culinary school, and starting a legitimate business.  I hope to one day make many more wedding cakes!



Tell me what you think 🙂

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