A Long Day, and More to Come…

For the past few weeks I’d been saying that I was about to lose my freedom. It wasn’t until today that my new reality sunk in. After increasing my hours at work I had to squeeze school into my schedule. I did so successfully, creating a jam packed schedule that I knew would be stressful, but was necessary.

On top of school and work, I still have to maintain Liv With Cake. Surely it will be a piece of cake! I can juggle everything in my life, but without adverse effects on my brain?

The days are blurring together. I keep forgetting what day it is and when certain things are to happen. At least three times today I thought it was Wednesday, when it’s only Tuesday.

My body aches, my head feels like a bowling ball, and my brain feels like scrambled eggs. Following work, which was spent on my feet, I had to bake a cake , but with limited time, as class constricted my schedule.

I’ve just returned from a two and a half hour biology class where I learned about homeostasis, among other things. Homeostasis is a body’s way of adjusting to change in order to remain within a certain set of parameters. For example, shivering and sweating both help to regulate our internal temperature.

This made me think about myself. I’m the kind of person that doesn’t like changes. It turns out this is pretty natural, but that doesn’t help me navigate life.  Right now I’m dealing with some changes, but eventually I will adapt to the situation and return to a state of comfort.

Day after day I am learning that life is freaking stressful, even on a good day. Especially now, being so crunched on time, I am finding minor inconveniences anger me more than they ought to. Mountains out of molehills…

I’ve been in Biology for two days now, but I’ve already learned many valuable lessons, not just pertaining to science.  My professor likes to be witty, and inspirational. He reminded us about the evolution of the horseshoe crab, or the lack thereof. Given the low stress environment of horseshoe crabs, they have not changed in thousands of years. He likes to remind us that college is stressful, but it’s that stress that will shape us, make us into better versions of ourselves. Don’t be a horseshoe crab.

Time to go to bed so I can have enough energy to muddle through another long day.

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