Dream Log Day 1

Surprisingly enough I was capable of waking up and jotting down the visions that danced through my head in my sleep. Unfortunately, it happened about 3 or 4 times during the night. I would wake up, write some of it down, then go back to sleep. One of the times I woke up covered in sweat, which was not very fun.

I must have had at least five different dreams last night, but I did not become aware during any of them. It will take time until I can lucid dream.

In front of me is my notebook in which I wrote down my dreams. Some of them I have absolutely no recollection of, such as “ordering coffee in a cafe in the rainforest”. Sounds pretty nice, wish I could recall what it was like…

I can remember most of my dreams pretty well, with some missing pieces, of course. Here’s what I remember from my dreams:

1.  There was a family gathering, but the family got split up. I was on the beach with my grandmother and she was crying, upset that the other half of the family left us and went to a different beach. I was walking in the water, and then a large centipede was wrapped around my arm.

2. I was at a hotel and having trouble falling asleep, but I finally drifted off, only to be awakened by some music. I went into the room next door and found all my friends hanging out singing songs. I lashed out at them because I was hurt that no one invited me. Then I vomited toys.

3. I was at a fancy party with all my friends and family. It was in a mansion or something. I remember thinking I had to get some beer, but then it appeared in front of me. There were pallets and pallets of beer. I grabbed a Blue Moon but when I drank it, it was actually lemonade. I was disappointed, but I felt bad for not finishing it.

4. I was walking down the streets. There is an apocalyptic feel. Snow is everywhere. Someone follows me. I am on my street and I go to my driveway. There is an enormous fallen tree blocking it. I have to climb into the branches and then slide down my snow covered driveway. I get to my house, which is a boarding school or something, I am not sure. We are all trolls, and we have a job to do there, I think it was something illegal. I can’t remember what we were doing, but I was complaining that I badly needed a nap.






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