Dream Log Day 2

Last nights attempt to record my dreams was not as successful as the night before. Once again, I did wake up in the middle of the night. I walked around, ate a granola bar, and went back to bed. I didn’t have any interesting dreams that I could remember so I didn’t write anything down.

The dreams I do remember went as such:

  1. I was at a Christmas party, the boy I was crushing on was there. I was anxious, trying to interact with him, and jealous when he was part of a group hug that I was not part of.
  2. I was wandering around Walmart and for some reason I could not walk like a normal person. I was looking for a certain type of pencil which they did not have, and I was upset. Next thing I remember of this dream is walking through the mens department, wondering if it would arouse suspicion, until I came to the womens department.
  3. I was at a night club, getting ready to have a good time. I think I was on a vacation. I was alone at the club. I can’t remember much else except for the end of it when there was an annoying sound that this girl was complaining about, asking me to make it stop. I woke up here, to find that the noise was my alarm going off. It immediately became apparent that I had woken up late, again.

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