My 6 Favorite Feel Good Shows

Sometimes you’re in the mood for a show that will cheer you up. Something light, and funny, with relate-able characters. A feel-good show! Nothing dark, or too dramatic. It’s with these kinds of shows that I get emotionally invested. I’ll fall in love with the characters, especially as I see their development throughout the series. They make you laugh, make you cry, make you wish they were real people.

Here are my six favorite shows that will make me feel good and cheerful.

1.The Office. At first I thought the humor was too dry, but the more I watched it the more I liked it. If you like shenanigans, you will probably enjoy this show.  Steve Carell plays Michael Scott, who is in charge of the Scranton branch of a paper company, Dunder-Mifflin. What can I say about him except that he’s a pretty wacky dude, and is ignorant to what is considered politically correct. He manages a rag-tag bunch of workers who engage in pranks, relationships, and fights.


2. Jane The Virgin- Jane, who had vowed to save herself until marriage, gets artificially inseminated with some strangers sperm sample due to a medical mishap. This complicates things between her and her fiance, Michael. I’ll end this summary with one more detail: She meets the person whose child she is pregnant with, and it turns out he’s an extremely dreamy and successful business man.



3. Grace and Frankie- This is about two women, Grace and Frankie, whose husbands fall in love and decide after years of seeing each other secretly, to leave their wives. The two women end up crossing each others paths, even though they can’t stand one another. Grace is sophisticated and coarse, while Frankie is free spirited and whimsical. The two develop a friendship through their simultaneous struggle of their decimated marriages.

grace and frankie


4. One Day At A Time- This is about a single mother raising her two children with the help of her slightly eccentric mother. The show also has an important message about racism and gender inequality, family relations, and even lgbtq issues.



5.Parks And Recreation- Parks and Rec is very much like The Office. It has quirky characters whom you’ll come to adore, funny and awkward situations, and heart warming moments.



6. The IT Crowd- This show is about the misadventures of two IT geeks, along with the not-so-tech-savvy woman who gets put in charge of them. Despite having no idea how to deal with the two, Jen comes to be good friends with Moss and Roy.


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