Dream Challenge Day 3

For the past few days I have been documenting every dream I can remember. Keeping a log of your dreams is supposed to help you move towards having lucid dreams. No luck so far, not that I really expected it so soon.

I won’t be posting my dreams this time. Last nights dream was more of a nightmare, so instead I’ll be talking more about lucid dreams. A good friend of mine proclaimed that “if you can’t control your life, at least you can control your dreams” in response to “control your dreams, control your life”.

This is an interesting perspective. Life is very out of control, and sometimes dreams remind us of that. They will bring up the things we want to forget about, and make us relive unpleasant situations. It’s bad enough when life is difficult, so it makes it worse when those problems follow you in your sleep, where it’s supposed to be peaceful.

We are all on a journey to make life as pleasant as we can. Life can be pleasant, but it can also be unpleasant. This is why I want to control my dreams so badly. Dreams, like life, can be pleasant, and sometimes unpleasant, and then sometimes they’re just downright weird. It would be lovely if they could always be pleasant.

My friend, who has lucid dreamed a few times before, informed me of another method. He says you need to have some sort of repetitive habit, such as rereading the same passage from a book all throughout the day, or drawing a dot on your hand, and constantly checking on it. Ostensibly, this action will occur in your dreams, but will be different. In the dream, the passage from the book will be altered, and you should notice it and realize you are dreaming.

I will test this method out. I have stamped my hand with an “I love Santa” stamp. Let’s hope this works out. It’s likely that I’ll forget to check on it. I should probably do the book thing too since I like reading anyway…


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