Grammy’s 2018. Music and Unity

I found myself becoming emotional throughout the Grammys last night. I watched them with my mom, and they sparked conversations about racism, sexual harassment, and other such topics.  I don’t think awards shows have always been so moving. It’s during times of division that we must work even harder to bring people together.

I’m sure some people are throwing a fit about the Grammys being political, but I don’t even consider the message to have been political. It was about bringing people together, which should be a default position rather than a political position. Equality shouldn’t be a topic of debate.

The show was about not only music, but diversity. There was an emphasis on immigrants and how this country is theirs too. Inscribed on the Statue of Liberty are the words “Give me your tiredyour poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.”

It was also about empowerment. All different kinds of voices were heard, young voices, old voices, black voices, white voices, male voices, female voices. Those different voices came together in a display of the unity that this country so needs.



It was an all around beautiful show. My favorite moment was when Kesha performed “Praying” surrounded by a group of women. This is what particularly made me emotional. I couldn’t stop myself from crying at this, knowing the background story that goes along. The song clearly encapsulates her whole experience with Dr. Luke. The abuse, the rape, and the trauma of being trapped by a contract. Some people think she was lying, or exaggerating, but just watch her perform the song live, and see for yourself the raw emotion behind the song. You can see the struggle to maintain herself while singing it. It’s all too real, and extremely powerful.

Perhaps the most powerful thing about it was the eclectic group of women supporting her. This performance perfectly exemplified inter-sectional feminism. It was women of all different backgrounds coming together, speaking out against sexual assault, in a heart-wrenching performance.


I hope more people were as moved as I was. I hope more people engaged in important conversations.

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