In Defense Of Millennials

I hear people who are cynical to the core when the word “millennial” is spoken. Ask yourself, are we not a product of the generation that raised us? Then why are we to be so criticized? We are not responsible for the way we were brought up. What is so wrong with my generation that is truly unique to us? I hear the same rhetoric being tossed around, disparaging us. We are lazy and entitled. We expect the world to be handed to us on a silver plate. We are self absorbed.

I’ve heard it all before and I’ll hear it again. I think it is unfair that we are being grossly stigmatized by the ones who are supposed to be role models and leaders to us. There are people of every age who demonstrate the properties described above.

It’s hurtful to erase all the meaningful acts of millennial’s and sum them up with such harsh words. I’ve found my generation to be full of promise and hope. We want to change the world. We want respect and equality for all. We are loud and proud. Perhaps this has not been everyone’s experience, but we can’t judge a whole group of people by the few, now can we?

Stereotyping needs to end. It does no one any good to assume someone is a certain way based on their demographic. I’ve met a plethora of millennial’s who defy what is said about us. I’ve met some who fit the description as well, but I’ve also met Baby Boomers who fit the description.

I think the perception of millennial’s stems from misunderstanding. When the older generation hears us say we think health care and college should be free, they might assume we are entitled, and we want everything for free. In reality we just believe everyone has the right to health and education, and should not acquire a stupendous amount of debt as a result. This view on healthcare and college stems from disdain towards poverty.

They see us take selfies and call us self absorbed. But who is to say they wouldn’t have done the same if camera phones existed in their youth? Not to mention the fact that some people communicate with their friends through SnapChat, which means someone taking a selfie could actually be them sending a response to someone.

One might think a millennial whose parents help them out is spoiled. Maybe someone is 25 and lives with their parents still. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. One of the things we are enraged about is how expensive housing is. In fact, it’s incredibly expensive to just exist, and this irks us greatly. For this reason, many young people are turning to socialism, which the older generations view as akin to communism, and deem us un-American.

It’s easy to fall prey to nihilism and pessimism when we see in the world around us so much that needs fixing. It’s also easy to become bitter towards the older generations because so many of them ostracize us. It’s important to remember that we shouldn’t turn around and accuse them all of slandering us. We, too, must remember to avoid generalizing.

What I would like people to take away from this is that society just functions better when we are less judgmental. There are so many of us on this planet we have no choice but to inhabit together. Each and every one of us is vastly different and unique. Set aside prejudices and assumptions and you open yourself up to the potential of finding something beautiful within someone unexpected.


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