Normally I’m not one to participate in internet challenges. I’ve been tagged in Facebook posts “nominating” me to do whatever the popular challenge was. Once it was the ice bucket challenge, another time it was a “photo a day” challenge. I accepted the ice bucket challenge because everyone was doing it, but posting a photo every day seemed like a lot of effort. It sounds ironic saying that taking a picture and posting it every day is more effort than filling a bucket with icy water, going outside and dousing myself in it, but it’s true.

I’m not much of a photographer, so the photo a day challenge wasn’t for me,  but I am a decent artist. Drawing was a coping mechanism of mine when I was in highschool and had to sit anxiety stricken through seven hours of classes.

So when I heard about Inktober I thought “I’d like to do that.” I haven’t been drawing a lot lately and I think it would be a good thing to get back into.

Inktober is a challenge to create an ink drawing every day of the month, based on the prompt below.


I’m a little late, as it is 11 days into the month, but that’s okay! Better late than never. Here is my first drawing for the prompt “cruel.”


Unfortunately I spilled a drop of water onto the page…

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