Inktober day 12 (second day for me)

As I was scrolling online looking at what people have been drawing something occurred to me. I’m an inferior artist! I saw so much amazing art and I couldnt help feeling a bit discouraged. I know I’m not the worst artist though. If I keep drawing I know I will improve. I look forward to seeing the progress I make from participating in Inktober. 20181012_221447

The prompt for today was whale. Above is the drawing that I came up with.

6 thoughts on “Inktober day 12 (second day for me)”

      1. I must have jinxed myself because i’ve fallen out of the habit of putting ink to paper. I think its because I felt like I had to do it everyday since I was doing inktober. When something is mandatory it makes me want to do it even less… i’ll try not to quit though!


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