10 Reasons Why Cats Are Way More Talented Than Humans


Cats are the most common house pet in North America. You may not have known this, but the cat brain has 90% similarity to the human brain, and yet cats are far more talented. Here are some cool things cats can do that humans cannot:

  1. Cats almost always land on their feet. This is due to the cat’s ability to orient itself mid-fall, allowing it to correct its positioning, so it doesn’t land on its back. Cats can do this because of the vestibular apparatus inside the ear, which lets the cat know of its orientation in space. There have been cats that have fallen 32 stories and lived to tell the tale!
  2. They can find their way home. Cats have an innate ability to find their way home. This is referred to as the homing instinct, or Psi travelling. Experts believe cats have cells in their brains that act as compasses. Another theory is they use the angle of the sun, and Earth’s magnetic field to navigate their way back home.
  3. They can jump up to five times their height. I can probably only jump about a foot in the air, so the average cat is way more talented than me in this aspect.
  4. Earthquake detection. Due to their sensitivity to vibrations, cats can detect an earthquake tremor 10 to 15 minutes before a human can.
  5. Their kidneys can filter salt out of water. This means that a cat can safely drink sea water. Basically, if you and your cat were trapped on a raft in the middle of the ocean with no water, the cat would probably outlive you, then they’d probably eat you.
  6. They have excellent hearing. A cat can hear frequencies up to 2 octaves higher than a human can. This is even better than a dogs hearing.
  7. They can squeeze through tight spaces. There may be lots of skinny people who can fit in small spaces, but we are restricted by our collar bones in many cases. Cats don’t have collar bones, so they can squeeze through anything their head can fit through.
  8. They can run fast. Cats are capable of running up to 31 MPH over a short distance. The world record for a human is about 28 MPH.
  9. Night vision. Since cats are highly active at dawn and dusk, they need to have good night vision. Since they have six to eight times more rod cells in their eye than humans have, they are more sensitive to low light. They are also able to sense motion in the dark better than us, which is why they make such good predators.
  10. Fertility. A cat can generally have a litter of one to eight kittens. In seven years, a pair of cats could 420,000 kittens. Essentially, cats could take over the world if they really wanted to.


Hope I didn’t make you feel too bad about yourself for not being as awesome as any old cat is. Now it makes sense why Egyptians used to worship cats!

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