12 Ways To Boost Your Mood

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We can’t always be happy-clappy cheerful people, unless you’re Snow White or something. If you’re a human, then you are sometimes in a bad mood. It’s natural. We are complicated creatures. We have feelings and emotions, sometimes negative ones. We have nerves, and sometimes little things get right on them. You know what I mean.

We all have those days when you want to shut yourself in your room, stay in bed, and be bothered by absolutely no one. No one ever has a good time when they feel this way though, except for Squidward Tentacles maybe. So I’ve composed a list of some things that may help you feel a little bit better when you are feeling down.

1. Reach out to a friend

You may not always feel like socializing, but it can really help you come out of a bad mood when you shift the setting, and step outside of your situation. Friends are good distractions from problems and they can also provide emotional support.

2. Listen to your favorite music

Whatever genre of music you listen to, turn up the tunes and sing along to your favorite songs. Music has therapeutic properties and can elevate your mood. Science has studied the effects of music therapy and found it to be effective. So pump up the jams and maybe even bust a move.

3. Snuggle your pet

Studies show that snuggling your pet is good for your health. Not only is your dog or cat adorable, but they also have the ability to lower stress and increase oxytocin in the brain, which is a feel-good chemical.

4. Exercise

To some, this may be a chore, but for those who like it, exercise is a great way to reduce stress, and feel good. You may have heard the term “mind-body connection.” Essentially what it is saying is that when you take good care of your physical health, you are doing wonders for your mental health as well. Exercise releases endorphins, increases norepinephrine, and helps blood to flow to the brain. All of which help to make us feel good, and reduce stress.

5. Have a laugh

Laughing is excellent for your mental health. Just like exercising, laughter releases the feel-good chemicals called endorphins. Humor can help to diffuse feelings of anger and hatred. It also increases cortisol levels, helping decrease stress. So watch some funny cat videos, your favorite comedy show, or maybe just look at some good memes. Or just force yourself to laugh. This can trick your body into thinking it’s genuine laughter. If you’ve never heard of laughter yoga, check out this video that describes it. You’ll find the laughter is contagious.

6. Meditation

Meditating is a good way to clear your mind and relax you. Maybe you’re in a bad mood because you’ve had too many negative thoughts on your mind. If that is the case, meditation might help you a great deal. The purpose of meditation is to think of nothing. It seems impossible to completely empty your mind, but with practice it can be done, and the results are that you will find more peace, be calmer, and more focused.

7. Count your blessings

I know when you’re in a bad mood it’s hard to get out of the self-pity cycle. Believe me, I’ve been there. Sometimes you just have to take a deep breath and think. Remember all the things you do have. Instead of dwelling on bad things, try to focus on the good things in your life. Gratitude can help put things in perspective.  Here’s a great article explaining why gratitude is good for your mental health.

8. Go out and enjoy nature!

A study conducted by Chiba University in Japan found that nature is associated with relaxation. I know it is true for me. Taking a walk through the park has always improved my mood tenfold. If you’re a nature person then this will most likely work for you as well. Go out there and get some fresh air!

9. Talk it out

Venting is a great way to get a load off your chest. It feels good to dispel negative emotions and frustrations and can help ease stress. People can offer advice and insight into the situation. Venting can help you to feel that you are not alone, and that you have support. Just don’t go too crazy as this can bring down the one you’re venting to.

10. Imagery

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Back when I was in therapy, my therapist would sometimes have me close my eyes and imagine my favorite place. I would have to visualize it as best as I could and try to incorporate all my senses. There is great power in the imagination. You can mentally transport yourself. Just thinking of a vacation can put you in a better mindset.

11. Create something

When I finish a project I beam with pride over having done it myself (unless I majorly screw up…) This makes me feel happy. When I do a job well done on a cake, or draw a picture that pleases me, it makes me feel good. Expressing yourself through art, or maybe poetry, can really help when you are down in the dumps. That’s why art therapy exists.

12. Journal

Similar to venting, journaling is a great way to reduce stress by getting some things off your chest. You can let off some steam by writing about it, and no one even has to know. If you are mad at someone, try writing a letter to them, but not sending it. It can also help you process your thoughts and feelings.

Hope these tips were useful! Let me know in the comments what things help you when you are in a bad mood.

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