What Doesn’t Kill You


At this point, I could almost swear that I am cursed. Maybe it’s because I didn’t bless my great-grandmother’s ashes when they arrived at my doorstep.

Or maybe the odds just aren’t ever in my favor. Either way I’ve been having some rather unfortunate circumstances as of late. It seems that every week something new and unpleasant takes place, but maybe that’s just life…

Anyway, this week I’ve been suffering from torticollis. If you’ve never heard of it, torticollis is a condition in which the neck is tilted, and it causes pain and discomfort and immobility of the neck.

My neck has been killing me for days. It started out as just a little soreness, but it’s so severe now that I can’t move my head without experiencing great pain.

I laugh as I think “Why can’t I seem to catch a break?” It makes me wonder if the law of attraction is real and I’ve just been perpetuating my own problems with negative thinking.

At a time like this, what else would I have stuck in my head but “Stronger (what doesn’t kill you)” by Kelly Clarkson.

I have to find the silver lining in every situation. In this instance, I’ve learned about a condition and how to handle it. It’s also a blessing in disguise in that I had to miss work because of it, causing me to be stuck in bed, allowing me to have the time to write.

Though this pain sucks, at least I got to sleep in this morning.

If I didn’t dwell on the good in every bad situation, I might become despondent. So I will keep reminding myself that what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger, and wiser.

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