Why Wearing Glasses Is Sometimes The Worst

Ever since 7th grade I’ve been wearing glasses. It’s been eight years and have I’ve always had people ask why I don’t just get contacts. I don’t use contacts for a few reasons. I’m uncomfortable with sticking something in my eye, and I also like the simplicity of glasses. When I’m ready for bed I easily take them off my face and if I accidentally sleep in them, my eyeballs aren’t in pain in the morning.

Glasses are easy and I like the look of them as well, I believe they add a little character. They can also drive me crazy though. Anyone with glasses can relate to the reasons.

1.Not being able to find them.

Sometimes I find myself crawling on the floor, impersonating Velma from Scooby Doo saying “My glasses! I can’t find my glasses!” BUT IT’S NOT A JOKE. I’ve been late to work before from looking for them! I’ve had to drive without them when I couldn’t find them quick enough. It can be so infuriating when you can’t find your glasses. Especially when you also can’t find the spare pair…


2. They make wearing sunglasses complicated.

Sometimes I’m Four-Eyes, but when it’s too sunny I become SIX-EYES. That’s right, I double up the glasses. The worst thing is when you can’t line them up properly so you look like a goon with your glasses sticking out from your sunglasses. But hey, I’ve gotta see!


3. Sometimes they get stuck to things

Have you ever had that problem when you are taking off a scarf and a string of it gets caught on your glasses? So annoying! Or they just get tangled in your hair. Then you have to pull your hair trying to get them out. NO FUN.


4. When they are smudged

Often I don’t even realize how dirty my lenses are. I live life seeing everything through smudged glass. I feel like I constantly have to wipe my glasses off. It get’s old.


5. When you can’t see because of the rain

Unlike cars, glasses don’t come with windshield wipers (Maybe they should.) Whenever I’m walking in the rain my vision gets impaired because my glasses get covered in rain.  Or I could just use an umbrella….


6. Having trouble undressing

When wearing glasses, you can’t always get shirts off without smooshing them against your face painfully. This happens when the collar isn’t wide enough. Then I get all stuck and have to take them off to finish removing the article of clothing. Frustrating indeed.


7. When you drop them and the lens pops out

No explanation needed.


8.When they break

I’m the kind of person that will duct tape my glasses when they break, and yes I do look like a total nerd. I just don’t ever feel like having an appointment, spending the money, and trying to find a new pair that I like. So I tape them until the tape becomes ineffective, then I re-tape them. It’s ridiculous looking and inefficient. Once when this was the case, they wouldn’t stay in place and I kept having to push them back up, they would also fall off my face very easily. Eventually I got fed up and made the effort to have them replaced.


Comment if you have had these problems, and let me know if there are any to add!

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