A Wine Lover’s Cake

Every time I make a cake people say, “It’s too pretty to eat!” Well, you don’t have that problem with this cake!

My friend’s birthday is approaching. However, I will be out of the country for it this year, so we’re doing an early celebration.

I offered to make a cake, but she said she isn’t much of a cake person. She is definitely a wine person though! She half jokingly (or maybe she was completely serious) suggested I make a cake out of boxed wine. We laughed about this idea, but a plan was brewing in my mind.

I took on the project, and it turned out fabulously, if I do say so myself (and I do).

You can make one too.

Start with the wine. I was trying to save money so I bought the two smallest ones, but you can get a full sized box and make a three tier cake, which I’m sure would look very elegant.

First you’ll need to cut out paper in the shape of the sides of each box. I put the boxes on top of the paper and traced. Once I had all the pieces cut out, I plugged in my hot glue gun.

Note: You can use any color paper you want!

Next I glued the paper to the sides of the boxes. Don’t worry about the side that will be the bottom. That’ll just be glued to a base, so don’t waste your time. I cut out that piece, then realized it didn’t matter. (*face palm*)

Don’t forget to cut a slit for the wine nozzle. I forgot to do this for the smallest box….(*face palm again*)

Next glue the boxes onto the cake board, or a piece of wood.

Now comes the fun part! Decoration time!!!

You can really do whatever you want to decorate it. Get creative! I used puff paint, origami paper, beads, and glitter.

I made paper decorations out of origami paper. You could use construction paper too.

I may or may not have been having some of the wine while I worked on it…

Then I used the puff paint to make a pearl border, which helped to clean up the rough edges.

Added some swirly designs, and pearl beads. It’s really coming along now!

I made the topper out of polymer clay. Then I hot glued it on top, and added the paper fan behind it.

Ta-da!!! That’s not too hard.

I can’t wait to present it to my friend for her early 23rd birthday celebration. I think everyone will get a kick out of it! I look forward to what’s inside of it too!

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