The Journey and the Destination

Throughout the next two months I’ll be documenting my experiences in Grenada. The first step of any trip is, of course, getting there. This involves driving to the airport, lugging heavy bags around, going through security, sitting and waiting for a while, and then sitting on a plane and waiting some more.

It’s the tedious part, but it’s necessary. You don’t get to where you want to be without a little bit of unpleasantness. Likewise, you don’t grow without leaving behind some comfort.

That’s how I feel. I’m a hundred miles outside of my comfort zone. The whole time I’ve been thinking thoughts such as “Oh god, what am I doing?! This is too crazy and big for me!” Then again, I’ve always been a wee bit crazy, so this suits me. Still, people were surprised. They were also proud, but some (okay, most) were jealous.

But the journey was had it’s turbulence (pardon the plane pun). Anticipating the security to be chaos – given the government shutdown situation and the TSA workers not getting paid, we assumed many wouldn’t show up to work – we left for the airport extremely early.

Lucky that we did. There was a car accident on the highway. Don’t worry, we didn’t get hit! We were several feet from the accident however, and were very close to being involved.

What happened is that a car, without a turn signal or hazard lights, decided to slowly pull onto the shoulder of the road. My dad had to slam on the brakes pretty hard to avoid hitting them, and we passed them with just a few inches of space between us. Then we hear a CRASH! At first we thought we had hit them, but when we looked behind us it turns out whoever was behind us slammed into the pulled over car.

We infer that the driver behind us didn’t realize we had braked until it was too late, and instead of hitting us decided to swerve to the side, not realizing the car was there.

It was unfortunate for those people, but we felt incredibly lucky to have dodged that bullet.

Following that occurrence, we were all a bit shocked, to say the least. This caused my dad to be distracted and he missed the airport exit. We all tried not to panic, but I was panicking very much. My sister pulled up Google Maps and found the directions, but I was still worried because my dad is stressful to be in a car with when he gets lost.

We made it on time. Actually, we had way too much time. We got our bags checked quickly, and there was hardly anyone there so going through security was a breeze. The hard part for me was sitting around and waiting for hours, but don’t worry – it gets harder.

One thing that nobody would be jealous of was the part where we had to sleep in the airport. We got off of our first plane ride to Miami close to Midnight. Then we had a nine hour layover til the flight to Grenada.

I knew I couldn’t stay up all night, and then travel the next day without dying. I knew I had to sleep at some point, but there were no sleeping arrangements. The idea of sleeping on a cold, hard, dirty floor was very unappealing. I did it though.

Don’t think I didn’t mind it. It took me a while to find a tolerable sleeping position, and it was probably 2 AM by then. But just being comfortable does not alone make for a good night’s sleep. There are many other factors involved.

Certain people acted like it wasn’t 2 AM when it most definitely was. They were just chatting and laughing away! Then there were the bright lights, the loud news report playing, and there was the old guy snoring like a freight train…

I made it through the night though. I probably only got around 4 hours of sleep, but it was better than nothing.

We had slept at the terminal we were originally supposed to be at, but we found out in the morning that it had changed. This left us with quite a long walk, toting heavy backpacks and purses, and for me, a blanket, two mini pillows, and a coffee cup. I definitely dropped some things a few times.

But the hard part ended and before I knew it I was just a few hours away from my destination. All I had to do was pass the time. It was only four hours.

I was mesmerized by the ocean view beneath me. Bright blue waters with turquoise spots, fluffy white clouds floating about… it was stunning. I could hardly stop myself from snapping a million pictures.

I’m so grateful for this opportunity, and I can’t wait to compile even more beautiful photos. I’m so excited about starting this new adventure!

2 thoughts on “The Journey and the Destination”

  1. Luckily you missed the crash on the highway. It sounded so close. Lovely to hear the flights were smooth though there was a bit of waiting time. I don’t mind waiting at the airport so long that means the flight is on time and I have time to calm myself before going on the plane (I hate flying lol). Looking forward to hearing about your adventures in Grenanda 🙂


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