Starting From Scratch

The best, tastiest cakes, in my humble opinion, are the ones made from scratch. No boxed mixes! That’s how I like to make them. That’s how I made them when I was running my small business, Liv With Cake.

But my business has lain dormant for some time. As I made preparations for my move, I focused less on cakes. I knew I would not be pursuing business here in Grenada.

However, I was mistaken. After several days with too much time on my hands I realized I can’t just lounge around and have fun at the beach. I love the beach, but I don’t spend all my time there. I have a lot of free time where I just hang around my apartment. I get lonely, and even bored. People aren’t always able to hang out.

With all the idleness I start to waste time doing nothing, while at the same time thinking anxiously about all the money I’m spending here, and how little I actually make. In other words, I need a job.

I am unable to get a job here considering work is limited to the Natives, and getting a work permit is a long process. But having my own business is something different. It’s like freelancing, or doing commissions.

Which is why I decided to start up Liv With Cake! I’m now kicking myself for not bringing any of my baking supplies with me. I have no pans, mixing bowls, spatulas, aprons, decorating tools…

Essentially I am starting from scratch. Building up a business from the bottom, once more. Luckily I already have the skills, and the supplies I need can be easily attained. What I don’t want to buy, I can borrow. My landlady gave me some mixing bowls, and my sister is letting me borrow a measuring cup.

I’ve purchased two circular cake pans, a spatula and all the ingredients I need. Everything I purchased came to less than $50 US. Not too bad. Hopefully it will pay for itself in short time.

I’ve had some rough days here, being far from my loved ones, my friends, and my comfort zone. But having decided to throw myself into making cakes again gives me some excitement, and hope.

I now have something constructive I can do with my free time. I now have a way to make some money. I have some work ahead of me to find clientele, to advertise to friends and neighbors, to keep up with social media and taking quality cake pictures, and of course there’s the job of delivering cakes, when needed.

If I think about it too much, it might seem daunting, but I’m mostly excited and energized by the idea. Work can be depressing, but it can also feel good. A job well done gives me great pride. Putting effort into creating something and receiving feedback is valuable.

I spent some time thinking that I had given up my business by coming here, but that doesn’t have to be the case. I may be starting over, but that’s okay, there’s nothing wrong with starting over. Starting over can be healthy, that’s kind of why I moved here. To start fresh, to have a new and different life when I leave. To have grown.

It may not be a piece of cake (pun intended) but it will be well worth it, I believe.

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