I woke up one morning in Grenada with no idea of what I was going to do that day. I laid in bed until my sister messaged me about a dinghy concert that was happening that afternoon.

Um, heck yeah! It sounded amazing to me.

It was.

We had to drive to a resort, then we took a little dinghy to a platform out on the ocean. There were two platforms, with a bigger boat in between. That is where the concert took place. There were so many people, some on little boats, some on sailboats nearby, some on the platform with me, and I even saw a few people floating on paddle boards to watch.

My sister and me.

The band was called Dash! and they were incredible. They had so much energy, and their music was so easy to dance to. I learned that the style of music popular here is called soca. Now I might just be hooked.

Listen to their song “Gifted.”

It’s so upbeat, and uplifting. I couldn’t find the lyrics, but one of the lines goes “everybody’s gifted in the sunrise,” and the chorus is “cuz we’re gifted yeeeaah.”

Living life here I felt like it was true. Being on the ocean, dancing to live music, sipping Carib (the popular beer here), I knew it was true. I am gifted.

Are you gifted? Not in the sense that you have some incredible talent. Are you gifted in that you have some wonderful things in your life? Take the time every day to think about what you are grateful for. Don’t forget to appreciate the small things!

What a gorgeous view.
Tons of strangers dancing side by side and enjoying life together.

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