Growing in Unlikely Places

Sometimes to pass time I just wander around a popular area, taking in the scenery. One particular day I was on my way to return to a spot I’ve become quite fond of.

I passed by this tree, and it brought some thoughts to my mind. It didn’t look like it belonged there, sandwiched between those concrete slabs.

But there it was in full bloom, papayas growing with ease. It wasn’t a place you’d imagine fruit growing. The spot for the tree was unlikely, but it grew healthy papayas nonetheless.

It made me think about life. It reminded me of myself. I never would have imagined I’d be living on an island, on my own.

I’ve been plagued by fear and anxiety all my life. Longing to see the world, but held back by fear of the unknown, of being far away from home.

And yet, like that tree, here I am. I am finding myself changing and growing everyday, becoming who I am meant to be. Fearless. Adventurous. Independent.

Sometimes we have to go to unusual lengths to grow into who we are meant to be. Sometimes it’s the unlikeliest of places that produce the best fruit.

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