Grenada’s Independence Day And My First Cake Here

Today Grenada is celebrating it’s 45th Independence Day! All around you’ll find celebration, parades, festivals, and beach parties.

I awoke to loud, exuberant sounding music coming from across the street. The buildings are decorated with little green, red, and yellow banners, and the flag for Grenada is up high, loud and proud, swaying in the wind.

It’s a happy day! Today is the anniversary of when Grenada gained it’s independence from the British. To mark the occasion, and the revival of Liv With Cake, I decorated my first cake with the flag of Grenada.

It was a bit more challenging to work in a tiny kitchen, and with limited resources, but I pulled it off. I think the cake turned out well and I look forward to sharing it with friends tonight when I go to Karaoke night, which happens every Thursday, and I regularly attend!

I hope to interact with the locals today and learn more about their traditions, as well as see if I can find out more about the history of Independence Day.

It’s so exciting to be able to participate in such a special day! I cannot express my gratitude enough about being here, submersed in a different culture, expanding my horizons, and experiencing this small and wonderful piece of the world.

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