How to Balance School Work and Fun While on Vacation

It’s the middle of winter and many people are taking vacations to escape the bitter cold. But going on vacation doesn’t necessarily mean a vacation from school. You may be going away, but the assignments are not.

Sometimes you have to bring your school materials on vacation with you, which can really put a damper on things. Can’t neglect our education though!

Fortunately, there are ways to get your school work done without having to give up fun vacation activities.

Since I’ve just started my online class while living in Grenada, I have to implement these techniques in order to balance out my work with my leisurely activities.

Plan plan plan

It’s extremely useful to plan everything out. Have an itinerary and expect to stick to it. This way you know when fun things are going to happen and can plan accordingly to commit to some school work.

If swimming with the dolphins is at three then make sure that you use the free time beforehand to get stuff done. Then you can enjoy the dolphins without being burdened by thoughts of schoolwork that needs to be done.

Reading in a nice spot

If your school work entails reading from a large textbook, make this activity more enjoyable by finding a nice spot outside to read.

I like to bring my book to the beach and lay in the sun while reading. Don’t forget a pen so you can underline important passages from the text.

Maybe if you’re at a nice hotel you could sit in the hot tub or pool to get your reading done. Careful not to drop your book in the water though!

Get a little bit done each day

Again, if your homework involves large amounts of reading, mapping out how much you’re going to read each day is a life saver. Knowing you have 30 pages to read can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.

If you have a week to read a certain amount of pages, then you can plan to read a little bit each day instead of trying to cram it all in the day before it needs to be read. Use a little math to figure out how much you should read each day.

This works for assignments other than reading too. If you have 100 algebra problems to get done, plan to do around 30 problems a day, then it will take 3-4 days to get it done.

Or you could decide to do work for an allotted amount of time. You could choose to dedicate an hour each day to get work done.

Wake up early

Not many people want to wake up early if they don’t have to, but doing this can be very beneficial.

If you wake up early and get some of the work out of the way, then you are free for the rest of the day, and it can be quite a relief.

You could even stay in bed and get the work done. Lay in bed with a cup of coffee to do your work and it takes away much of the struggle. It’s actually pretty nice to get up early and get stuff done. It feels good to know you kicked your day off to a productive start.

Ben Franklin said, “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.”

You’re definitely getting wiser if you do homework in the morning.


This is a homework strategy that should always be utilized, not just on vacation, but it’s especially helpful on a vacation. Making on outline for, say, a paper will make it so much easier to get it done while in paradise.

Follow the tips above in the writing of an outline. Sit outside and write a few sentences or bullet points for each paragraph. Lay in bed in the morning the next day or on the beach and work on at least one paragraph.

Once you get the whole rough draft written, then you can plan to edit and refine it the next day.

You don’t have to sit in a hotel room writing a paper while your family has fun jet skiing, or going on a tour.


If it comes down to it, you can always skip an assignment that is worth very few points. It won’t ruin your grade if you don’t do one five point assignment.

You shouldn’t have to stress while on vacation. If you have several assignments due online and too many excursions coming up just think about which ones are most important.

If you party too much and realize you forgot to participate in an online graded discussion, don’t panic. Either suck it up and do it, or if it’s not worth much just skip it and move on. It’ll be okay.

Communicate with your professor

Some professors are strict, but others are more laid back and would be understanding of your circumstances. If you talk to your professor there’s a chance they would give you an extension, or an alternative assignment, like writing about your trip, or learning about the place you are visiting.

This shouldn’t be necessary if you follow all the strategies, but if you are really not feeling the whole school work thing, it doesn’t hurt to talk to your professor and see if you can work something out.

Have fun and try not to stress over school

We go on vacations to get away, so enjoy your trip! Get what work you can done but don’t waste your vacation stressing over school. Have fun and make memories, but also try to manage your time.

Hope these tips were helpful to you!!!

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