Grenada’s Independence Day And My First Cake Here

Today Grenada is celebrating it's 45th Independence Day! All around you'll find celebration, parades, festivals, and beach parties. I awoke to loud, exuberant sounding music coming from across the street. The buildings are decorated with little green, red, and yellow banners, and the flag for Grenada is up high, loud and proud, swaying in the… Continue reading Grenada’s Independence Day And My First Cake Here

Why They Kneel

The other day I saw a post calling those who kneel "babies" and not "real men." People who post things like that miss the whole point of  kneeling, and they idolize the flag. I'd like to see them call neo-nazis and white supremacists babies for screaming and shouting about the existence of blacks, Jews, gays and other minorities. But they usually don't. I'd like to see the same disdain people have towards these NFL players directed at more heinous acts than simply kneeling silently. Be outraged about the mail-bomber sending bombs to popular democrats (even if you're a republican.) Be furious about the recent synagogue massacre. Be enraged by the death of Heather Heyer, a counter protester who was rammed by the car of a white supremacist.