Growing in Unlikely Places

Sometimes to pass time I just wander around a popular area, taking in the scenery. One particular day I was on my way to return to a spot I've become quite fond of. I passed by this tree, and it brought some thoughts to my mind. It didn't look like it belonged there, sandwiched between… Continue reading Growing in Unlikely Places

Starting From Scratch

The best, tastiest cakes, in my humble opinion, are the ones made from scratch. No boxed mixes! That's how I like to make them. That's how I made them when I was running my small business, Liv With Cake. But my business has lain dormant for some time. As I made preparations for my move,… Continue reading Starting From Scratch

A Few Words on Failure

I thought moving to Grenada made me a successful adult. Finally living on my own, somewhere new, paying rent, living my own life. I've come to learn that success is not a one step thing. It's a process. I'm not suddenly a prime example of a functioning grown up. I am still learning. I'm learning… Continue reading A Few Words on Failure

My Second Full Day in Grenada; What I’ve Done and Learned so Far

This morning's shower was a cold one, and not by my own doing. That's alright. With this warm weather a little cool water is most definitely not a problem. One thing I've come to know is that here in Grenada the water is a little iffy. You don't know if you'll be able to get… Continue reading My Second Full Day in Grenada; What I’ve Done and Learned so Far